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Locke Lord LLP utilizes Hummingbird’s Collaboration which is a software package that enables firm members to share documents and calendars, conduct chat sessions, and monitor the overall project status securely with clients via Internet Explorer.  Utilizing this new tool, project participants can quickly discuss issues, share information, resolve problems and make joint decisions.

This highly secured, web-based workspace allows users to:

  • Access all project related information, documents, discussion threads, task lists and schedules from one place, over the Web using familiar productivity software like Microsoft® Word® and Outlook.
  • Post documents to a secure extranet site, have third parties edit them, and subsequently pull the document back into Collaborator as a new version.
  • View the same document independently and enable the user to selectively edit the document based on input from each party.
  • Collaborate in real-time through integrated instant messaging (chat). 
  • Use a collaboration area which will enable the project leader to assign multiple tasks and due dates to multiple parties, with real-time ability to monitor the progress of each individual.

To access Collaborator, please use the login credentials provided to you by the Firm.  For access questions, please contact:

Jerry McEachern
Chief Information Officer
(214) 740-8265